History of company

zavod1.jpgIn 1997 Searle Pharma, an American pharmaceutical company, in cooperation with Russian Scientific Center of Molecular Diagnostics and Treatment started the construction of pharmaceutical plant in the Moscow Region near the village of Izvarino.

The opening ceremony took place on September 15, 1998. The new plant was the first enterprise in Russia which was specially designed and constructed in full accordance with worldwide standards of GMP, which guaranteed the safety of its production. The area of the plant is 6,200 square meters , the area of the territory is 3 hectares . The estimated capacity of the plant is 300 mln tablets and capsules of more than 15 titles a year. The opening of the production operation took place at the end of 1999.

Later, the plant was acquired by Pharmacia Company and then – by Pfizer, a global pharmaceutical giant. A group of pharmaceutical investors, one of which was Ferring Pharmaceuticals, became the owner of the company on June15, 2007. The enterprise acquired the name of Izvarino Pharma. This date is the beginning of the new history of the plant.

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The plans of Izvarino Pharma include the development, production and promotion of the preparations exclusively for women's health.

The main trends of forming the product portfolio of the company are the following:

  • Contraception
  • Treatment for urinary incontinence
  • Menopausal disorders
  • Treatment of inflammatory and infectious diseases of female genital system

ab.jpgProduction of hormonal preparations according to the worldwide standards requires special conditions, that is why, the enterprise is in the process of reconstruction at the present time; the plant is reequipped with new facilities.

“Izvarino Pharma” LLC promotes its own preparations and participates in marketing partnerships with several foreign companies, which produce pharmaceuticals used for treatment for women's health.

The first partner was Exelgyn Laboratoires , a French company, which produces Mifegyne , a globally known preparation for medicated abortions. In 2008 “Izvarino Pharma” LLC obtained the marketing and distribution rights for the preparation in Russia . At the present time “Izvarino Pharma” LLC promotes the preparation actively all over Russia using its own medical representatives and outsourcing companies.