Izvarino Pharma is a Russian pharmaceutical company focused on the development and production of medicinal products used in various therapeutic areas (obstetrics and gynecology, endocrinology, transplantation, cardiology, neurology, etc.) Today our portfolio includes more than 40 products. All products are duly registered and certified and have proven effectiveness and long-term successful application experience. The group of branded generics includes products with improved customer properties classified as generic+ products.


In 1997, Searle Pharma, an American pharmaceutical company, jointly with the Russian Scientific Centre for Molecular Diagnostics and Treatment started the construction of a pharmaceutical plant in Moscow region near the village of Izvarino.


The plant opened on 15 September 1998. The new facility was the first Russian plant designed and constructed in full compliance with global GMP standards to ensure the quality and safety of products.


Later the global pharmaceutical giant Pfizer purchased the plant. And in 2007 a new group of investors became its owner, and the company received its new name – Izvarino Pharma.


In 2014 Izvarino Pharma was one of the first to be GMP-certified and obtained the new manufacturing license.

In all process steps Izvarino Pharma constantly follows modern principles of quality management. These are firstly Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. Since its foundation, Izvarino Pharma has been pursuing the policy of implementation, maintenance and improvement of the quality management system. Strict quality control allows us to be sure that medicinal products manufactured by Izvarino Pharma provide Russian patients with a European level of health care.

3 ha

The enterprise area is 3 hectares and includes two buildings. One of them is a complex of production, laboratory and office areas; the other is a finished goods warehouse.

6,200 m2

The facility area is 6,200 sq.m. that permits to run the full production cycle of solid forms: granulation and blending, tableting and capsulation, coating, primary and secondary packaging, analysis and quality control, storage distribution and logistics, R&D and analytical work.

12 million

The company has increased the production capacity by upgrading, and today the annual production volume totals 12 million packs.

Company presentation


In 2010, Technopark Idea and Izvarino Pharma submitted the laboratory and production facility project Nanopharma Development to the competition for the creation of nanotechnology centers conducted by State Corporation Rusnanotech (Rusnano OAO) and were among the winners.


In December 2015, Technopark Idea decided to withdraw from the project, and Izvarino Pharma purchased their share. Nanopharma Development become a member of the nanotechnology cluster of Tatarstan and a key pharmaceutical company.


On 8 September 2016 the complex of Nanopharma Development was opened, and the company  has started the production of medicines.

R & D