• Serialization of finished production Izvarino Pharma

Since 2017 we systematically implemented the Product Labeling Project and by October, 1 the company was fully prepared for labeling of the 7 Nosologies products in accordance with the requirements of the Russian Government.

  • Opening of a new warehouse complex Izvarino Pharma
New Warehouse

Due to the increasing production volumes Izvarino Pharma has built a second warehouse on the site. The square of the new facility is 1,200 square meters. The warehouse is equipped with 3, 4 and 5 tier racks to provide a capacity of 1,200 pallets.

Sports ground opening

A sports ground has been built on the territory of the plant. Now the company employees can do various sports in their free time: football, volleyball and tennis in summer, and in winter the ground is poured into a skating rink.

Izvarino Pharma - 10 years

Izvarino Pharma celebrated its first anniversary - 10 years.

Over this decade, the company evolved from a startup to an organization with a stable team, a clear and well-developed strategy and internal culture.


New Manufacturing License

Izvarino Pharma became one of the first GMP-certified on the Russian market and received the new manufacturing license.