Veronika Novikova

Marketing director
«I hope this trend will continue in the future»

I joined the Company in April 2008 as a product manager. The Company did not have products then, and we had to build the portfolio from nothing. As the Company grew, at different stages my duties and tasks changed but my work has always been interesting. With the Company my professional skills and career grew. From product manager I passed to the position of head of marketing, and in 2015 I started as Marketing Director.
   12 years passed, and I am happy to note that Izvarino Pharma has become a strong and recognizable company on the Russian market. Even international analytical agencies ranked Izvarino among Top 5 fastest growing companies in 2018. I hope this trend will continue in the future.


Evgeniy Antipin

«My desire for knowledge helped me»

I started in September 2010 as a granulation operator. Until then I had no experience in pharmaceutical production. I found a very good team here. In trainings I became interested in the manufacture of medicinal products. Having noticed my interest, my chief advised me to get an education. And I followed this advice.
   I started pre-university courses and in a year I was admitted to part-time department of Moscow Institute of Chemistry and Technology. In 2015 Andrey Yelizarov joined our team as Head, Production. He is already Production Director now. In autumn of 2015, I was assigned to perform the duties of foreman. And in February 2016 I took the position of foreman. In April 2017 there was an opening for a technologist and Andrey suggested that I try myself in this position. I agreed.
   When I graduated I was officially appointed to the technologist’s position where I am now with the good team of excellent specialists.


Elena Dementova

Head of quality assurance
«I thought I was not ready for such great changes»

I graduated from Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology with a degree in Veterinary.
   I joined our company in June 2013 as a microbiologist. My previous experience was not associated with pharmaceutical production and I had to learn very hard in the process of work to become a specialist of a GMP-compliant pharmaceutical production. In a year I was offered to take the lead of the microbiological laboratory. My colleagues and I have achieved a lot during the period of joint work.  I am proud of my young team. In August 2018 our Quality Director offered me to take the position of Head QA. This was an unexpected offer.  I thought I was not ready for such great changes. This position implied a lot of responsibility, with multiple business processes I knew only in theory. In addition, it was not easy to leave the friendly laboratory team.
   The management of the company helped me take this decision.  They needed a person who knew our production and the PQS. I was given time to think. I accepted this offer.
   Now I need to learn hard again, work hard. I always feel my boss and the colleagues’ support. I am happy I can grow and develop with my company.


Vadim Suleimaniv

Federal manager
«Find opportunities where others only see difficulties. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes»

I graduated from Ural State Medical University in 2005 with a degree in Surgery. In 2007 I decided to try myself as medical representative although my wife tried to persuade me from this in every way.
   I joined Izvarino Pharma in January 2010 as medical representative. At the end of the year, I was awarded the prize for ‘Best Result in Organizing Goldline Sales’. In early 2011 I was offered to take the new position of Territory Manager for Ural. All these years the region of Ural performed all the assigned goals. In 2015, I took the position of Federal Manager for Ural and Volga, and in 2017 the territory of South added.
   I am proud that I can work at Izvarino Pharma, it is unique in its atmosphere, the company always provides opportunities for the development of its employees.


Alexandr Polaykov

Deputy head of chemicalpharmaceutical developments
«As a student, I dreamed of being involved in such an important work»

In 2012 I joined Izvarino Pharma as a chemist of the Pharmaceutical Analysis Group. In three years I changed the position to Lead Chemist and in 2018 I became Deputy Head, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Development. Earlier, in 2009 I graduated from D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia  with a degree with honors in Biotechnology, then I got a degree of Candidate of Chemical Sciences.
   While still at the institute, I wanted to work in a pharmaceutical company, to be involved in such an important public activity. Izvarino Pharma offered me this opportunity. Our department works in a wide range of operations including QC methods development, validation, stability studies, bioequivalence studies in vivo. We work in close cooperation with the Regulatory Affairs Department, technologists and Quality Control specialists. All this gives great opportunities for professional growth and makes our work interesting and diverse. Thanks to such opportunities and also to the great team and first of all to my bosses, I have grown as a professional in QC methods development and related areas. And, just as important I got infected with a great interest in working in pharmaceutical analysis and perfection in this area. At Izvarino Pharma the attitude to the staff is very warm, events are regularly organized, we can do sports. All this makes our team even more friendly and creates great environment for work and improvement.